Point Cloud

New Tech that Makes 3d Modeling of Existing Buildings Simpler

Point clouds also referred to as .rcs, .rcp, laser scans, LiDAR, and Trimble. The process starts with bringing our machine in and scanning any desired area, outdoors or indoors. Scans take anywhere between an hour to multiple hours depending on the complexity of the structure or topography. We then take this collection of millions of points and import it to our software to make a “point cloud”.

These clouds offer a 100% accurate “as built” BIM model and can show any existing condition. We take these point clouds and model geometry for your project according to the cloud.

Some benefits of modeling in a point cloud include:

  • Precise 3D As-built Condition of Existing Structures or Facilities Within 1/8” Tolerance

  • Detailed Understanding of Facilities and Structures

  • Reduce RFI’s and Misinformation
  • Reduce Cost With a Better End Product
  • Reduce Site Visits

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